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What are Assessments?

Assessments are created to help you benchmark your current data teams and evaluate incoming candidates.

Each assessment consists of 4 modules that evaluate specific skillsets.

Why Use Assessments?

Organizations deploy our assessment platform to evaluate users on data science competencies and recommend personalized topics to strengthen their capabilities.

Secure Sign-In to User Accounts

Hosted either on-premises servers or in the cloud. Employees use credentials to log into their accounts.

Assessing Skills and Knowledge

Users complete questions and coding exercises that gauge their proficiencies of multiple data science capabilities.


Scores are automatically graded for individual review and aggregated for the entire organization.

Recommended Curriculums

(Coming Soon)

A tailored list of courses is recommended to bridge gaps and improve knowledge.

Data Science and AI Training Sourced From Practical Experience Across Multiple Industries and Use Cases

    • Assessments developed for both practitioners and leaders
    • Test theory, practice, and strategic application of best practices
    • Individual and organizational performance

Ready-to-Deploy Platform with Automated Updates Residing Securely on the Cloud

  • SSL data transmission
  • Platform audited by major accredited universities
  • Seamless integration with new features in the HD pipeline
  • Online platform connected to an easy-to-use Jupyter Notebook interface
  • Fully interactive with auto-grading on a variety of disciplines
  • Leaders can see grades for each individual student and aggregated grades for the whole organization.

Options for Personalized, Industry-Specific or Cross-Industry Content

  • Prepared use cases across multiple disciplines and industries
  • Options for personalized, industry-specific content available

Struggling to assess your current and incoming data professionals?